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NSW Department of Industry


The Department of Industry creates conditions for the NSW community to prosper, ensuring we have a highly-skilled workforce, we manage our natural resources sustainably and we encourage investment and competition.

They create the conditions for NSW to prosper by:

-Investing in skills and education to ensure that residents are ready for work now and for the jobs of the future.

-They drive economic growth in primary industries by enabling the sustainable use of natural resources and production of food and fibre.

-They provide independent research and scientific advice that creates economic, social and environmental benefits for NSW.

-They promote a vibrant and valued sport and active recreation sector that enhances the lives of the people of NSW.

-They grow the visitor economy of NSW by promoting our attractiveness as a major tourism centre and destination for events.

-They support small businesses in NSW to start and grow.

-They create the conditions that support the growth of industries that supply to domestic and international markets.

-They apply a risk-based intelligence approach to all our licensing, compliance and enforcement activities across a range of sectors to balance economic and social outcomes for the people of NSW.


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