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Legal Knowledge & Support

WSBC has partnered with Matthews Folbigg Lawyers to provide members access to legal support and knowledge via:

1. A Board of Directors/Senior Management Information Session

Directors of companies are not always aware of the breadth of responsibility they take on or the individual and corporate penalties that can apply when there is a failure to properly exercise those responsibilities. Similarly, companies have obligations to comply with Australian Consumer Law and if appropriate processes are not in place a company can find its employees at various levels can act in ways that make the company liable.

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers are offering WSBC members a private information session that can be conducted at your premises, on important subject matters relevant to senior director’s and senior manager's roles and responsibilities and/or Australian Consumer Law. Each informal session will offer ample opportunity for open exchange and questions.

2. Webinars

Throughout the year, Matthews Folbigg Lawyers will present webinars addressing specific areas of Commercial Law and Employment Law. Registration is free for WSBC members.

3. Access to the Matthews Folbigg Lawyers Associate Programs

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers are offering the benefits of their existing Associate Programs to WSBC members. Matthews Folbigg currently runs two Associate Programs, one relating to Commercial Law and a second program relating specifically to Employment Law. The benefits of each program include:

  • Membership: no annual fee and no term commitment for WSBC member companies. An Associate can withdraw from the program at any time. A WSBC member can join both the Commercial and the Employment Law Programs should they choose to do so.
  • Checklist: an annual update of changes to the law during the last 12 months is provided to all Associates.
  • Early notification of significant changes to Commercial Law/Employment Law will be provided as and when appropriate.
  • Free consultations: both programs offer Associates the ongoing opportunity to access free consultations with a Matthews Folbigg lawyer in order to clarify an issue regarding any matter over which they may have a concern. By necessity this access is limited to discussion of a general nature.
  • Free/reduced price offers: from time-to-time Matthews Folbigg Lawyers will make available special limited offers to Associates. For example, the conduct of a ‘Legal Audit of Compliance’ in a defined area of the law.

Not yet a member? View our membership packages here or contact:

Amanda Brisot  I  General Manager

M: 0421 118 441  


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