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Brilliant Digital

Deb Croucher is the founder, CEO and Digital Strategist at Brilliant Digital. Her creativity and passion for marketing, technology and storytelling propelled her towards the digital space and she has embraced every opportunity that has come her way. She loves her connection to the Western Sydney business community and is excited to see what the future holds.

“Western Sydney has such wonderful cultural diversity… I can’t wait to see our region leverage that diversity. The excitement of bringing the best of everyone together will deliver incredible outcomes.”

Laser Wizard

Ron Thomson ran an automotive business that used laser cutting services. In 1999, with the assistance of the Department of Industry and Regional Development, he secured a grant to investigate establishing his own cutting business.

That investment became a Western Sydney success story. From one second-hand machine operating out of a sub-let factory, Laser Wizard grew to 43 staff, across two shifts, with lights out automation, running around the clock most days, including weekends. 

World Class Teams

World Class Teams CEO, Diana Tapp, is passionate about people potential. And she’s passionate about Western Sydney.

It is her mission, through the unique set of tools and techniques she has developed, to transform the people you have into the team you want.

Building a high-performance team can see your business soar, and Diana knows that’s just what Western Sydney needs to take it into the future.

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