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World Class Teams CEO, Diana Tapp, is passionate about people potential. And she’s passionate about Western Sydney.

It is her mission, through the unique set of tools and techniques she has developed, to transform the people you have into the team you want. Building a high-performance team can see your business soar, and Diana knows that’s just what Western Sydney needs to take it into the future.

Partnering with Western Sydney Business Connection (WSBC) was a no-brainer for Diana because their missions are aligned - bringing people together to realise their potential, grow their businesses, and have a positive impact on the development of the region.

Why Western Sydney?

World Class Teams recognises the energy and growth in Western Sydney and is excited to be a part of it.

“So many training companies spend all their time in the CBD working with companies there.

Yet there’s so much growth and so much vibrancy out here - we love working with companies where there’s a real sense of ‘let’s grow and develop our people and be leading-edge in our sector.’

We can see massive opportunity in the region, and we want to be part of that growth journey. It’s a stimulating and fun place to be.”

WSBC and World Class Teams Join Forces

As part of their member benefits, WSBC members are eligible to register for an ever changing variety of training courses throughout the year. This has included World Class Team’s GreenLine Conversations, a fully funded one day, government accredited leadership training course.

This is an excellent opportunity for members and has far-reaching benefits.

Di says “I think the relationship with WSBC is an important one. There are a lot of forward-thinking businesses in this region who want to develop their teams and want access to this type of programme.

It’s a great way for us to be able to contribute as the area grows and to help businesses here to reach their potential. And as they grow so do we. It’s a genuine partnership and a very positive one.”


Opening Doors To New Business

World Class Teams has connected with a number of businesses in Western Sydney through WSBC right from the start. And this year they became platinum partners. “This has enabled us to increase the giving that we do,” says Di.

She continues, “It’s been really good in terms of events - we’ve done keynote addresses and some panel discussions.

Plus we’ve started up a leadership breakfast series which enables companies to select people to take advantage of these professional development opportunities.

We ensure that the breakfasts are held in the Western Sydney area, making it easy for people to attend and then head straight to their work as usual.

It’s been a great way for us to get to know a number of different businesses and to form close partnerships with many of them as well.”


WSBC Events - Genuine Networking

Di and her team enjoy attending the WSBC events and are finding the business connections with interesting people they meet to be fruitful.

“Now that we are platinum partners, it means we can bring a number of guests with us - it’s been terrific to bring some of our clients.

It’s been great to be able to spread the word that WSBC is an organisation that’s very supportive of business and highly professional.”

Di has found WSBC events to be beneficial in a number of ways, including fostering genuine connection rather than simply ‘swapping business cards’.

“You tend to be able to attract really good speakers when they’re coming to talk to a large group. You’ve got really good information coming to people locally, rather than them having to go into the CBD.

The format - usually starting at 11.30 and finishing at 2.30 - works well. That first hour, it’s relaxed, and it’s drinks and it’s speaking to different people…

And then at lunch, you’re speaking to the people at your table.

It’s more than just swapping business cards - it’s about having a conversation. Those conversations become deeper and more meaningful. People are really connecting, and we start to see genuine networking.”

Di recommends that members attend as many events as they can, preferably with a colleague. Connecting with new people is often easier with a companion by your side, and each of you will take away different points from the event that can foster good discussion back in the office.

She adds, “The events are easy to access too - you can go out in the middle of the day and be back at work in the afternoon. So I’d absolutely advise businesses looking to grow in Western Sydney to join WSBC.”

Good Quality Connections

Facilitating relationships with like-minded businesses is a core mission of WSBC. The right connections are more likely to reap rewards.

Di agrees, “The connections we’re making through WSBC are certainly good quality connections.

I think that whenever you have a vibrant, professional organisation, it attracts people who are really keen to develop themselves… People who have a passion for what they do in their own business... And also have a passion for this area and seeing it grow.

They’re exactly the kind of companies that we like to work with. They look after their people, and they want to see their people develop.

They realise that having people who are highly skilled in both the hard skills and soft skills will really set them apart in this competitive environment.

We’ve found great quality leads and are really enjoying working with companies in the region.”

Saving Time

“It’s very easy for companies to say ‘oh yes, people are our most important asset’. However, not all companies walk that talk well and develop this most important asset.

When you’re with companies that belong to WSBC, they tend to be more forward thinking and innovative and ready to do business. Those are the companies that look after their people - they know they want to have high quality, customised training and development for them.”

For Di, this means when she gets a lead, it’s highly likely that it will be genuine and highly likely that it will lead to an ongoing partnership.

“It’s very rare that we do one-off pieces of work. When companies see the results from the first programme they engage us to do more, and we love these ongoing partnerships where we get to know the businesses more and more deeply. This knowledge enables us to customise our programmes to truly target the needs of the specific company.”

Fruitful Opportunities

“Since joining WSBC, we’ve met some great local businesses - and formed many close partnerships. In fact, we’ve become the training company of choice for a number of them. And that’s a delight for us.

Of course, every business has its own unique issues. The more you can work with a business, the more you can really customise what you’re doing and genuinely meet their needs, helping them with the specific issues they are facing.

We have made genuine partnerships through WSBC and that’s when you can make a huge difference,” explains Di.


Finger On The Pulse Of Western Sydney

WSBC is an information hub for businesses in the region. If it’s happening in Western Sydney, WSBC will bring it to you first. Their newsletters, training programs and events keep members up to date and ahead of the game.

For World Class Teams, access to that information is key.

“It’s a great way to keep our finger on the pulse. From the events to the newsletters, the latest information is a real plus for us.

As platinum partners, we are enjoying contributing articles to the newsletters. There are a great way for people to keep abreast of what’s happening in Western Sydney in a very easy way - it’s a quick read but an important read.”

What Does The Future Hold For World Class Teams?

“The future for World Class Teams in Western Sydney is really exciting. It’s a growing area. And business is more and more competitive.

So that means our people need to be better and better and that’s of course what we specialise in - helping people to be the best that they can be, building the best teams and helping businesses to grow.

Whenever you’re in a growing area, that means people are wanting to, ready to and able to support the idea of really seeing their people and therefore their businesses, fly.

It’s great to be part of that.”

Where Will Western Sydney Be In 10 Years?

“I think for Western Sydney that it’s an incredibly exciting place and time to be. You can see that there’s a growth in confidence here.

There was probably a time in Western Sydney when many people felt that they were the poor relation - that’s changing. I think people are starting to put their shoulders back and feel proud of the business that they’ve built and are continuing to build in Western Sydney.

This is an energised area and will continue to have a greater and greater impact.

The talk now is ‘Western Sydney will be…’ In 10 years time, the talk will be ‘Western Sydney is’. We will have reached the destination.”

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