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Making Western Sydney Greater

 Making Western Sydney Greater  I  1st Report

WSBC collaborates with William Buck, St. George Bank and Western Sydney University to create the Making Western Sydney Greater Surveys which are used to contribute to and influence discussions on NSW Government policy. The aim is to achieve positive changes for businesses in Greater Western SydneyIn the first report, three key themes emerged across employment, infrastructure, and business sentiment. 



  Making Western Sydney Greater  I  2nd Report

In the second report, employment and training remains a key issue for businesses in the region as does transport. The desire of businesses to contribute to a holistic development of Greater Western Sydney is clear. Whilst the financial outlook and growth opportunities for businesses in Greater Western Sydney appear to be stronger than that for the broader Australian business community, delivering investment and jobs growth in Western Sydney continues to be a core Government priority. 

 Making Western Sydney Greater  I  3rd Report

In the third report, Western Sydney business owners and managers were asked the greatest benefits and impediments of being a business in Western Sydney. The results are sure to spark debate. Business sentiment, employment intentions, financial performance and growth plans are some of the other topics that were explored.

  Making Western Sydney Greater  I  4th Report

In the fourth report, how the perception of Western Sydney impacts on businesses and what can be done to improve perceptions was investigated. Research showed that Western Sydney business owners and managers have maintained a strong and positive outlook for their businesses, despite potentially disruptive national and global events, but some variance between different segments and regions was apparent.

Making Western Sydney Greater  I  5th Report

The fifth report in the Making Western Sydney Greater research is now available. In this edition, the impact automation is having on businesses in Western Sydney and the challenges that lie ahead was investigated. Research also shows that businesses in Western Sydney have grown their business, exceeded their profit targets and expanded their workforce consistently over the last few years. This is the trend for the region as a whole, but there are also a core group of businesses that are finding economic conditions particularly challenging.  

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