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NEC has delivered world-class technology solutions and services to customers across the globe, for over 120 years. Serving customers for over 50 years in Australia, NEC has built a sophisticated technology and anything-as-a-service company which brings together the best technology and the best people, driving maximum value for IT and networking investments.

NEC connects Governments, businesses and people through reliable communication infrastructure while also helping to keep communities safe and secure with smart systems and the world's leading biometrics identification technologies.

Here in NSW, NEC is collaborating with the Government to deliver a future digitally advanced city in Western Sydney. NEC is a founding ICT Partner of the NSW Government, for the co-creation and development of a world-leading Digital Safer and Smarter City environment. Utilizing NEC’s world-leading Biometrics, 5G, IoT and AI technologies to support the vision of a sustainable circular economy, they are working on initiatives in five major sectors; Digital Government, Public Safety, Aviation, Healthcare and Smart Transportation.

NEC has a century-long history of innovation. From its cornerstone ideal - “Orchestrating a brighter world” - NEC integrates technologies, expertise and ideas from around the world for the benefit of local Government and business environments. Their focus remains on value co-creation for customers and partners, maintaining a compatible balance between customer needs and societal expectations.


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