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How 2020 Changed the Way We Do Business (and How Your Business Can Adapt)

15-Feb-2021 16:12 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

In 2020, businesses across Australia saw disruption from significant factors, including a global pandemic, a shift to remote working arrangements, changes in client demands, and the need to rapidly adopt new business models.

Just how much has the landscape changed for employers and employees?

According to a report by The Guardian, 81% of Australians think employees should work from home. 31% continued to work from home in September 2020 (source: ABS).

However, information from NBER shows that, despite the added convenience, people are now working 4 hours longer each week due to COVID-19.

On the bright side, 25% of Australian businesses reported increased revenue in December 2020, with 65% of medium to large companies planning to employ more staff from January to March (source: ABS).

If you're a business on the road to recovery, it's critical to find and hire the right talent.

According to the Harvard Business Review, an engaged employee is 45% more productive than a worker who's "merely satisfied". The best companies are 20% more productive than the rest, due to the way they acquire, develop, team, and lead their high-quality talent.

Once you've found suitable talent, it's also a great idea to ensure that the right HR systems and processes are in place. Such checks and balances will make it easy to retain, motivate and develop your top talent while minimising your business risk.

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