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Live Webinar: 5 Powerful Ways To Improve Your EQ To Become A Great Leader

  • 05-Aug-2021
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • Online


When you think of a world class manager or leader, what characteristics come to mind?

You might picture someone who never lets emotions get the better of them, no matter how stressful the situation. Or you might imagine a person who has the complete trust of their team, encourages idea sharing, is easy to talk to, and builds strong connections. These are all the hallmarks of someone with high emotional intelligence (EQ).

Being smart is not enough. What distinguishes the great managers and leaders from the average ones is not their IQ but their EQ.

Being able to read people's signals and react appropriately is vital. When managers have low emotional intelligence, problems such as distrust, conflict, and silos arise. Issues are avoided and not dealt with, which results in increased staff turnover, higher absenteeism, lower engagement, and poor productivity.

The good news is that EQ is a learnable skill. Join us for a not-to-be-missed webinar where Australia's #1 High-Performance Team Consultant, Diana Tapp, will reveal five powerful ways to improve your EQ to help you become an exponentially better leader.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Five powerful strategies for improving your leadership EQ
  • How to manage your emotions in stressful '5% moments'
  • How to respond in high stakes situations to get the outcome you need AND keep people on board
  • Practical tools & techniques you can start implementing straight away

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Webinar Presenter  l  Diana Tapp, CEO of World Class Teams

This webinar is presented by Diana Tapp, CEO of World Class Teams. Diana is Australia’s #1 High Performance Team Consultant and author of the book “Unleash Your Team's Potential”.

World Class Teams' practical tools and techniques have been developed and honed over 15 years working with some of Australia’s most innovative and prestigious companies such as Linfox, Commonwealth Bank, Merlin Entertainments and Cathay Pacific Airways.

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