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    • 18-Oct-2023
    • 11:30 - 14:00
    • Western Sydney Conference Centre, 83 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW 2750

    Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as James Greenshields, Director from Emergent Leaders Foundation, delves into the intricate relationship between leadership and resilience, and the ever-growing dynamics of Western Sydney. Discover the pivotal role that resilient leadership plays in propelling growth, nurturing innovation, and catalysing community development within this thriving region.

    Through a comprehensive examination of leadership resilience, the audience will be introduced to compelling real-life stories of individuals who have surmounted adversity to spark remarkable transformations. From dissecting the challenges, including infrastructure development and social inclusion, to revealing an array of untapped opportunities, attendees will leave equipped with actionable insights and strategies to foster resilient leadership.

    In this dynamic and captivating keynote address, you will uncover:

    • Nature of Human and Organisational Resilience
    • Leading in complexity
    • Practical Leadership tools to deal with turbulent times.

    This event will also provide you with a significant opportunity to connect and engage with influential business leaders from across Western Sydney. There is however, only a limited number of seats available, so book now to avoid missing out.

    Keynote Presenter 

    James Greenshields  |  Director  |  Emergent Leaders Foundation

    James Greenshields is husband to Kirsty and father to Abigail and Penelope, who have been an integral part of his incredible personal and professional leadership journey. Seventeen years as an Army Officer saw James command frontline organisations in combat, as well as engage at the strategic level with the United Nations and other Coalition Forces in a diverse range of leadership positions.

    When he returned from Iraq James faced an enemy he wasn’t trained for; the inner demon of Post Traumatic Stress and Depression. His journey of inner healing and growth resulted in recovery, to the point he now refers to being hit by a roadside bomb as “the fourth best day of my life”.

    Since leaving the military in 2010, James has dedicated his life to assisting others through trauma and their own personal battles. Upon witnessing our youth struggling, he personally developed an 18 month Youth Rite of Passage program that ran for 10 years, contributing to the development of harmonious families around Australia.

    Seeing the hole in leadership training, James developed his own leadership philosophy, and he named it Harmonic Leadership. His programs have helped to build organisational leadership frameworks within a wide array of environments, from Jewellery chains, AFL and NRL athletes, to the Construction Industry, Health Services, Financial and Defence sectors.

    James’ current project sees him engaging communities in need to develop the organic infrastructure for mental health and leadership across all ages. This Community Empowerment Project equips these localities with the resources to help themselves.

    James and Kirsty created Emergent Leaders Foundation to assist in the death of the sustainability mentality, which is based in scarcity, and shift focus to the emerging Harmonic age of leadership, which has its roots in thriving.

    Event Format


    Member/Guest Registration, Networking, Pre-Lunch Drinks & Coffee Cart


    Presentations (includes a 2 course lunch)


    Official Close


    Platinum Partners: 8 complimentary seats

    Construction Connect & Gold Members: 5 complimentary seats

    Silver Members: 4 complimentary seats

    Charity Partners: 3 complimentary seats

    Bronze Members: 1 complimentary seat

    Small Business Members: $140 + GST per person

    Additional Member Seats: $140 + GST per person

    Non Member Seats are available for this event: $200.00 + GST per person

    Charity Partner Program

    $5.00 from every ticket sold at this event will be donated to five of our Charity Partners: Children's Medical Research Institute, Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research, Northcott Disability Services and Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney.

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    • 09-Nov-2023
    • 09:00 - 14:00
    • Campbelltown

    Want to win more business in Western Sydney? 

    The Connection, in collaboration with Campbelltown City Council, are inviting Western Sydney businesses to submit an Expression of Interest for the opportunity to meet with active buyers within the region. 

    How does it work?

    Interested businesses need to submit their Expression of Interest by Tuesday 3rd October 2023 to be considered for this event. 

    Businesses that best match the services and/or products that our buyers are looking to procure will be selected by our business matching panel and invited to attend.

    Selected businesses will be scheduled to meet with up to five active buyers from the list below. Each meeting will be one-on-one for a duration of 15 minutes to be held at a venue in Campbelltown on Thursday 9th November 2023.

    Confirmed buyers include:

    More Buyers will be announced shortly.

    Selected businesses will also have the opportunity to meet with the following government service providers who will let you know about free resources available to your business:

    • Training Services NSW - is responsible for the regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships; management of the NSW funded Vocational Education and Training (VET) training market, including Smart & Skilled; encouraging participation in VET and the implementation of VET related programs and initiatives.

    What is the cost? 

    There is no cost to submit an Expression of Interest for this event.

    A registration fee of $100 + GST will only apply to selected businesses who are not members or affiliates of The Connection OR businesses not located in the Campbelltown City Council Local Government Area

    (please see Next Steps below for further details). 

    Next Steps

    1. All Expressions of Interest must be submitted via the Meet the Buyer - Strategic Matching Event page on The Connection's website no later than 5.00pm Tuesday 3rd October 2023 to be considered (for the purpose of the Expression of Interest please only register 1 representative per business).

    2. Based on the information provided, businesses that best match the services and/or products that our buyers are looking to procure will be selected by our business matching panel.

    3. Only businesses selected by our matching panel will be invited to attend this event.

    4. Selected businesses will be notified during the week beginning Monday 16th October 2023. Selected businesses who are not members or affiliates of The Connection or Campbelltown City Council will receive an invoice for the event registration fee of $100.00 + GST

    5. Acceptance to attend and payment of the registration fee (if applicable) will be required within 3 working days of notification. 

    6. Once acceptance has been received and payment has been made (if applicable), an event information kit which includes your personalised meeting schedule, will be e-mailed to you.

    Click here to view our Terms & Conditions for this event.

    This event is proudly presented in collaboration with

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