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    • 04-Mar-2024
    • 13:00 - 15:00
    • Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre, 240 Quakers Road, Quakers Hill NSW 2763
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    Let's Think About Water Differently 

    The Connection, in collaboration with Sydney Water, are inviting Western Sydney businesses to submit an Expression of Interest for an exclusive tour of the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre.

    About Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre

    For 135 years, Sydney Water has been delivering world-class water services to Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and the Illawarra. However, with the challenges posed by climate change and a growing demand for its services, a shift in Sydney Water's approach to water is necessary.

    Sydney Water is dedicated to exploring purified recycled water as a potential future water source. Currently, over 85% of Sydney's water supply relies on rainfall, with the remaining 15% sourced from desalination. To ensure a sustainable, reliable, and rain-independent water supply, comprehensive water planning and consideration of various supply options are essential.

    Purified recycled water presents numerous environmental and cost-saving benefits and has the potential to meet up to 25% of the city's water needs by 2056.

    To showcase this initiative, Sydney Water has established the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre. This center provides the community with the opportunity to observe the workings of purified recycled water treatment technology. Moreover, it emphasises the safety of this proven technology and highlights the range of environmental and cost benefits associated with using purified recycled water to complement the drinking water supply.

    What to Expect?

    The guided tour experience will run for approximately 1 hour. The Tour is offered through the discovery centre, detailing the process of capturing, managing, and treating water in Sydney. The tour further incorporates the science and technology behind Purified Recycled Water, providing an explanation of its potential.

    Following the tour, light afternoon tea will be provided, during which members will have the opportunity to network. The Business Customer team will also be present to clarify how the company aims to work proactively and positively with its business customers.

    How to Register? 

    There is no cost to join this tour. However, due to limited spaces, all attendees must register to join the tour.

    In the event of reaching full capacity, a wait list will be available. Based on interest, a second tour may be scheduled.

    Please note should circumstances change, this tour may be postponed.
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    • 14-Mar-2024
    • 11:00 - 12:00
    • Online

    What actions is your company taking today?

    Cybersecurity poses an ever-present threat to every company of all sizes in Australia today and the laws surrounding cybersecurity are changing.

    DON'T be one of those companies that puts its head in the sand and says ‘this won’t happen to us’ because it can, and it is happening now to companies right across the country. Any company that did elect to ‘ignore and hope’ should be aware that new penalties for a breach of privacy laws can exceed $50M for corporations and $2.5M for individuals.

    In this free webinar, Matthews Folbigg’ Principal Lawyers Simone Brew and Gigi Au will outline what it is that you should be concerned to understand and what actions you should be taking to protect your company, your customers and your senior executives and Directors.

    Discover CYBERSECURITY – what is it, why is it important and what should you be doing now!

      Webinar Details

      Date: Thursday 14th March, 2024

      Time: 11.00am to 12.00pm 

      Where: Online

      Cost: Free

      Webinar Presenter  |  Simone Brew  |  Matthews Folbigg Lawyers

      Simone is the Managing Director of Matthews Folbigg Lawyers and a Principal in our Litgation & Dispute Resolution, Environmental & Planning & Local Government groups.

      Simone’s experience extends to acting for a myriad of private clients in all state and federal jurisdictions in a wide range of matters, including intellectual property, negligence, contractual and consumer law disputes, and claims for damages.

      Simone’s experience also extends to building and construction matters, in both the advisory and dispute/litigation stages predominantly in the Supreme Court. She regularly advises clients in relation to the Building and Construction Industry for Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) and has prepared many Adjudication Applications and Responses under this Act, and deals with associated Supreme Court appeals.

      Simone has a strong record of successfully working with clients to achieve their desired outcomes by combining legal experience with commercial acumen and expertise to ensure achievement of time, cost and quality objectives.

      Webinar Presenter  |  Gigi Au  |  Matthews Folbigg Lawyers

      Gigi is a solicitor-advocate in the Dispute Resolution, Environmental, Planning and Local Government Group.

      Gigi provides complicated planning, environmental, tendering, privacy, governance, probity and general advice for Local Councils under a myriad of Acts. She advises Councils in relation to validity of statutory notices and orders under various Acts including Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW), Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and assists Councils in their drafting. She also advises Councils on enforcement and prosecution options in both the Local Court and the Land and Environment Court. Gigi assists Councils in weighing up the pros and cons of their different options as well as exploring alternative resolutions and remedies in order to achieve their desired outcome. Her advices also extend to issues in relation to GIPA, PPIPA and HRIPA. She regularly appears as an advocate for Councils in review proceedings in the NCAT jurisdiction.

      Gigi has carriage of matters in various Classes of the NSW Land and Environment Court and regularly appears in that Court for directions hearings, motions, hearings and costs applications. She has extensive experience in preparing matters for hearing including obtaining witness statements, drafting statement of facts and submissions. She also prepares Local Court prosecutions for hearing.

      Gigi has a wide ranging experience in debt recovery, commercial and insurance litigation in all jurisdictions.

      This webinar is proudly supported by:

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