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  • 24-May-2019 17:03 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Hold your event before July 31 and save!

    Package Usually  EOFY Sale 
    Full Day Delegate Package $78.00  $70.00 
    Half Day Delegate Package $68.00  $60.00 

    Day Delegate Package includes:

    • Complimentary room hire of the main plenary room from 9:00am to 5:00pm
    • Notepads, pens, mints and water
    • Standard audio visual: data projector screen, flipchart, whiteboard and markers
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi
    • Arrival tea and coffee with whole fruit bowl and fresh juice
    • Morning tea with two gourmet food items
    • Gourmet lunch with hot and cold platters, dessert, tea and coffee
    • Afternoon tea with two gourmet food items (Full Day Delegate Package only)

    To request a quote or site visit, please speak with the PARKROYAL Parramatta team today:

    P: 02 9685 0309 


    Terms and Conditions

    • Valid for meetings held before 31 July 2019 for meetings with a minimum of 20 delegates
    • Subject to availability
    • Not valid for existing bookings and cannot be combined with any other promotions
    • Prices are subject to prevailing taxes and service charges

  • 24-May-2019 16:34 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The high cost of living, the impact of addiction, homelessness, and family crises continue to place unbelievable pressure on Australian families, often with tragic results.

    But in people’s darkest moments, The Salvation Army is there to show love, care and practical support. In western Sydney that comes in the form of locally-based teams of Moneycare financial counsellors, Doorways case managers and youth services, Salvos Connect sites, and centres in Parramatta, Auburn, Blacktown and Penrith. The Salvos stand beside people to help them get back on their feet again.

    Major Beth Twivey has been a Salvo all her life and an officer (an ordained minister) since she was 29. She oversees Sydney’s social services and says that one of the unique things about the Salvos is its ability to support people in many different ways.

    “Some of the most marginalised suburbs of Australia are in western Sydney,” she says. “We’re working with more and more people experiencing financial crisis. When people are living below the poverty line, they don’t engage, they retreat. So there’s loneliness and isolation even in a crowd. The Salvation Army helps provide a place to belong, connection, friendship, sense of family. We all need that.”

    For more than 50 years, donations given by generous Australians to The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal have helped it continue its vital work, such as providing addiction treatment services to over 14,000 people annually, 16,000 meals to the hungry every week, and financial assistance to over 43,000 families every year, across Australia.

    “Someone might come to our Freedom Centre at Penrith for emergency food relief,” Major Twivey says, “and we can have a conversation and hear their story. This person might struggle with finance or budgets as well as needing food, and because we have several parts of The Salvation Army in that building, we can very quickly understand a person’s need and connect them to a service to support them.”

    Supporting an individual transforms whole communities

    Major Twivey’s stories paint a poignant picture of Australian life when things get rough. “I recently chatted with a beautiful family, who’d been torn apart by some awful things that could happen to any of us. Their little girl stood up and said, ‘Thank you for giving me my mum back.’ The power of that thank you from that little girl, imagining what her life had been like, and hearing her say that, that’s the sort of thing we want to be able to continue to do.”

    So the Salvos would like to say thank you – thank you to the community of western Sydney for trusting The Salvation Army to use the funds raised wisely. The impact is immense, Major Twivey says. “When you’re giving money to support one individual it helps not just that one person, but their family, street, school, workplace and community. The money will be well administered and used effectively so that the community is transformed – all from helping that one person.”

  • 24-May-2019 16:10 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Malaysia Airlines has a vast network with great connections from all major Australian cities. The airline offers some great year-round competitive corporate discounts to business travellers. Together with Oneworld partner airlines, corporate travellers will enjoy all Oneworld benefits including Golden Lounges in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and London. Business travellers will also enjoy dedicated corporate support from the team at Malaysia Airlines at each check-in counter.

    The airline carries approximately 40,000 guests daily, operating 57 weekly services from Australia & New Zealand to its hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The Airline touches 62 destinations in 22 countries with its modern fleet of Airbus A380-800, A350-900, A330-200/300 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft, (average fleet age of 6 years). 

    Malaysia Airlines offers its corporate travellers access to over 30 Qantas domestic, 60 Japan Airlines domestic, and 80 British Airways flights to the UK & European destinations for just $65 irrespective if travelling in Business Class or Economy Class.

    Qantas Platinum & Gold Frequent Flyer members can access Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounges in Kuala Lumpur including domestic and Heathrow Airports.

    If you are a business in Australia or New Zealand and frequently travel to Asian countries, this is the best time to enjoy the savings. Currently some airfares are discounted by more than 35% for Business Class travellers. No matter what your annual spend is, call one of the Elite Business Travel specialists to find out more and how to save on your business trips.

    If you are planning to travel as a group, Elite Travel can also assist you with priority check ins and extra baggage allowances. Call one of their consultants today on 1800 627 747 or email them at to find out more.

    Leisure travellers - if you are travelling to Colombo, Chennai, Delhi or Mumbai - there is no better time to book and save. Book today with Elite Travel and find out how you could be eligible for Westfield Gift Vouchers. These offers will not last long. So, hurry!

  • 24-May-2019 10:14 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The most common reason people give for leaving a company is their boss. The uncomfortable truth is that people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses!

    On the flip side, it is also true that people will stay with a fantastic manager, even if the work is ‘just okay’ or their commute to work is ‘horrendous’.

    Google’s Project Oxygen uncovered 3 significant pitfalls for managers. Falling into these habits will almost certainly mean that your team will NOT regard you as a great boss. Some of them will probably leave and those that do will, unfortunately, be exactly the people you don’t want to lose!

    The 3 pitfalls uncovered by Google you need to AVOID are:

    1. Having Difficulty Connecting with Your Team

    This sometimes occurs when a person is promoted from being a team member to being the Team Leader or manager.

    This transition can be difficult for several reasons. Sometimes the other team members struggle with the notion that ‘one of them’ is now ‘managing them’. This can show up as resistance to take direction or advice, or as muttering or complaining ‘he/she thinks he’s/she’s above us now’.

    It can also be difficult for the person being promoted to get used to the idea that they now need to have the overview and to motivate others rather than to be an excellent operator themselves. Finding the right balance between managing and operating is challenging for many managers, especially those who pride themselves on ‘getting stuck in’ or ‘being task-driven’.

    If you are appointed directly into a management role in a company this can also be challenging. You must gain the trust of your team, have enough knowledge or expertise to be credible while at the same time not assume that you are so experienced that you don’t need to learn anything.

    2. Lacking a Consistent Approach to People’s Performance

    When managers show a lack of consistency in their approach to performance reviews/performance management and career development they lose the respect and trust of their team.

    Most people can handle bad news, but they won’t accept what they believe is unfairness. Hence it is critical to have genuine clarity around the criteria for performance reviews. Using these criteria mean that people are assessed against standards and not merely compared with other people. Whenever people are compared to others you will get questions and comments about favouritism and unfair treatment.

    Staff must know what specific standards they are being assessed on, prior to the performance review cycle taking place. As their manager, you must be well-prepared with your assessment and have examples you have observed to support your assessment. This enables a constructive conversation to occur rather than an uncomfortable disagreement with blame, excuses and no resolution.

    There is no such thing as ‘agreeing to disagree’ with regards to performance. Unresolved performance issues result in disengagement and resentment and very often, a decrease in commitment from the entire team.

    3. Spending Too Little Time Communicating

    Spending too little time communicating does not mean you should just keep talking for the sake of it!

    It does mean that in today’s workplace staff expect two key communication skills from their manager:


    Simply giving instructions or making demands worked, in fact was expected, 20 years ago.

    Now people expect to know why they are being asked and how this task or change will be of benefit before they will commit to completing it.

    You can choose to mutter ‘Gen Y’ and ‘back in my day’ or you can choose to respond to today’s world and get the outcome you want by adjusting your management style! Interestingly I often hear Baby Boomer managers complain about Gen Y, muttering about how Gen Y should ‘just get on with it as we did’ …… Gen Y are the children of the Baby Boomers. I wonder what that says about parenting as well as managing?!


    Staff expect their manager to listen actively and openly.

    Answering emails or continuing to type while you are listening is not listening actively. Interrupting staff or responding immediately with ‘no, we’ve tried that before’ or ‘sorry, but that won’t work’ will not lead your staff to describe you as a good listener let alone a great boss. Many managers need to learn to ask more questions and make fewer statements, to listen with a ‘researcher’s hat’ on rather than with a ‘judge’s hat’ on.

    Managers of course, want to be great managers. Each of us does have talents, strengths, and weaknesses. As a manager, you must acknowledge your weaknesses, particularly if they include one or more of these 3 key pitfalls. After acknowledging the weakness, you must then act to develop in this area.

    If you want to improve the way you communicate, collaborate and connect with your team, we suggest attending our international GREENLINE Conversations Program. This dynamic 1-Day program has been used by companies such as Google, Pepsi and EY to create a high performance culture in their businesses.

    As a member of Western Sydney Business Connection you have the special opportunity to complete the FULLY FUNDED, nationally accredited 1-Day GREENLINE Conversations Training Program for Managers and Leaders. You can choose to do this by joining one of our Open Programs (see the link below) or by requesting an Inhouse Program for your business.

    To LEARN MORE call Ramsina McCully from World Class Teams on 1300 085 248 or book your seats directly via

  • 23-May-2019 16:45 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Wednesday night bowling with the Eels at Parra Leagues - $14 per game per adult, $10.20 per game per child. Includes:

    - 1 x game of bowling
    - 1 x XD Dark Ride

    - Meet & Greet with a Parramatta Eels NRL player

    Simply book your lane for 4+ people for 6pm on a Wednesday between 22 May 2019 and 31 July 2019. 

    Mention this offer when you come in to Kicks Tenpin & Arcade and you will receive a free XD Dark Ride and meet & greet with a Parramatta Eels NRL player.

    Looking to book for 15+ people? – call the Parra Leagues Functions team on 02 8833 0738.

    Ts & Cs

    Bookings must be for 6pm on a Wednesday night between 22 May 2019 and 31 July 2019. Not valid with any other offer including Parra Leagues Membership discount. Height restrictions apply to the XD Dark Ride. Min 4 people per booking. Groups under 15 people must book online at Every group will receive a meet and greet with a Parramatta Eels NRL player. The player cannot be specified by the group making the booking. Only available whilst stocks last.

  • 23-May-2019 16:27 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    From the beginning of July 2019 the financial thresholds for categorising a “large proprietary company” will be significantly increased. This in turn will increase the number of companies exempted from the requirement to make accurate financial statements publically available through the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

    The changes are summarised in this table:

      Current Post 1 July 2019
    Annual consolidated revenue for the company and any entities it controls (control being determined based upon the accounting standards) $25 million $50 million
    Value of consolidated gross assets at the end of each financial year $12.5 million $25 million
    Employees of the company and any entities it controls 50 employees 100 employees

    As with most legislative reform, there are positives and negatives.

    The Federal Government estimates that the changes will reduce the cost of regulatory compliance by about $80 million per annum for approximately 2,200 businesses.

    However, credit providers are concerned that without access to accurate financial information, costs for access to credit will increase. Concerns have also been expressed that a relaxation of the discipline involved with a regular reporting of financial position to ASIC will lead to an increased incidence of corporate insolvency and insolvent trading.

    The amendments are contained in the Corporations Regulations 2001 and will become operable on 1 July 2019.

    Debt recovery newsletter now available

    Matthews Folbigg are pleased to announce that the latest edition of their debt recovery newsletter is now available. A copy of the newsletter, containing a host of practical debt recovery tips, may be accessed here.

    If you require any further details or wish to discuss these issues with one of their specialist lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact Matthews Folbigg:

    Address: Level 7, 10-14 Smith St, Parramatta NSW 2150
    Phone: (02) 9635 7966

  • 23-May-2019 15:55 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The City of Campbelltown is experiencing unprecedented growth. With this growth comes opportunity – to generate growth in investment, to create local jobs for local people, to transform the city into a dynamic, self-sustainable, liveable urban centre, where people and business want to be.

    To capitalise on this opportunity, Campbelltown City Council is developing and implementing a range of city-changing projects which will not only transform the city, but be a catalyst for economic and cultural investment and contribute to Campbelltown being a destination of choice to live, study, play and do business.

    Click here to view some of the exciting projects currently underway in Campbelltown and to find out more about their journey.

  • 23-May-2019 13:15 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Have you heard about the Jobs for NSW Western Sydney Investment Attraction Fund?

    It’s a $5 million fund aimed at supercharging fast-growing small to medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) driving the jobs of the future in Western Sydney. The fund helps grow new high-value knowledge-based jobs and investment in our region.

    Through the fund, Accelerating Growth Loans; Strategic Growth Loans and Loan Guarantees are available to eligible fast-growing businesses in Western Sydney.

    Scalable businesses, reaching a market beyond New South Wales and creating new jobs in our region are eligible to apply.

    Over the years, Jobs for NSW has helped kickstart businesses across the state. For example, Sydney startup VAPAR is transforming the way Australian councils and water utilities maintain their stormwater and sewerage assets, with a boost along the way from Jobs for NSW.

    If you want your business to be next apply now.

  • 21-May-2019 16:45 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Hall & Wilcox is hosting a free employment and privacy law update in Parramatta on Thursday 4 July, from 5pm – 6.30pm. The update will focus on:

    • Employment and industrial relations landscape: post the Federal election
    • New whistleblower legislation: what is it and how it will impact your business
    • Privacy law update: managing cyber security and data protection risks

    Employment and industrial relations landscape

    With the current hot topics of casual employees, labour-hire workers and employee wages and rights, Hall & Wilcox will discuss the likely post-election impact on the employment and industrial relations landscape.

    New whistleblower legislation

    The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Bill 2017 (whistleblower legislation) will apply from 1 July 2019.

    The aim of the whistleblower legislation is to create a single, strengthened whistleblower protection regime covering the corporate, financial and tax sectors. It also aims to encourage ethical whistleblowing and discourage white collar crime.

    The new changes are intended to increase protections for the people who make disclosures and expand the subject of disclosures.

    Public companies and large proprietary companies will need to have a whistleblower policy in place within six months of the commencement of the regime. Employers should begin to formulate whistleblower policies and processes now to ensure that they are in compliance with the new laws.

    Please join members of the Hall & Wilcox Employment team to learn more about the new legislation, how it will impact on your organisation, and importantly how to ensure your business is compliant with these new laws.

    Privacy law update

    In the context of cybersecurity risks being one of the biggest threats facing business today, Hall & Wilcox will also provide an update on privacy laws, including the notifiable data breach regime. They will discuss steps you can take to protect your business against the serious financial, legal and reputational risks arising from a privacy breach.

    A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

    Date: Thursday 4 July 2019

    Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm

    Venue: PARKROYAL Parramatta, Rose Room

    30 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW


  • 20-May-2019 17:23 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    By Michael Page

    The take-up and implementation of new technology, particularly automation, has directly impacted the productivity and success of Australian businesses of all sizes. On a people level, this evolution has also required a new standard of efficiency. In response, companies are undergoing significant business transformation.

    According to Heidi Duncan, former Finance Director at ALDI Stores Australia, whether organisations are going through a formal transformation or tackling the challenge as a business-as-usual piece, there are always opportunities to “get the best out of your people in order to make those efficiencies come to fruition”.

    “What I mean by business partnering is what we actually do within our teams, which involves challenging at the macro and the micro level,” Duncan said at a recent Michael Page Finance Business Transformations event held in Parramatta.

    “That requires understanding the overall outcome your team is there to achieve, and analyse whether it’s being effectively fulfilled.”

    Use the right language

    Also speaking at the Business Transformation event, Olga Fadeeva, General Manager Human Resources at Toyota Material Handling Australia recommended HR practitioners learn to communicate with the business’s multiple divisions in a way both parties understood.

    Fadeeva used the example of an organisation’s HR and finance functions needing to understand each other, and for HR’s value to be recognised.

    “Different functions use different language and terminology and it’s critical for HR people to understand, as many don’t know the language of finance, which means they struggle to articulate, for example, a proposal that will lead to sustainable performance,” she explained.

    “Very often, HR people underestimate that or neglect to recognise that outside of just human relations – we talk about amazing initiatives that we’re going to introduce via HR but the CFO and business leaders are looking at the cost of it.

    “So it needs to be presented in the language of cash flow – the initial costs of implementation and the return on investment.”

    RELATED: Why finance should be seen as a business partner

    Business Transformation: the new norm

    As much as a buzzword it may be, the current environment of continual business transformation is the reality of businesses today.

    “Organisations will continue to transform; there will be changes and there will be challenges,” Farhad Malegam, Western Sydney Finance Consultant at Michael Page said at the event.

    “If we take some of these principles, apply it and utilise it within our business networks, we will see even more success.”

    He said with technologies evolving, so are business models and the talent within those organisations.

    “The last two decades have shown businesses that refrain from change and adoption of new technologies would eventually die out or get acquired,” he warned.

    Commenting on the outlook for businesses and hiring talent in Western Sydney for 2019, Malegam said unemployment rates across NSW have been at their lowest level in over four decades so there has never been a better time to look for a new job.

    “Business partnering and analyses roles are in the highest demand. This is primarily driven by businesses optimising data analytics and big data and are harnessing the power of technology and data-driven decision making,” he revealed.

    If you're looking for your next role in Western Sydney, or need help with staffing, contact a Michael Page specialist today.

    RELATED: The Future of Human Resources: 8 drivers of change

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