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Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre Tour With Sydney Water

  • 04-Mar-2024
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre, 240 Quakers Road, Quakers Hill NSW 2763
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Let's Think About Water Differently 

The Connection, in collaboration with Sydney Water, are inviting Western Sydney businesses to submit an Expression of Interest for an exclusive tour of the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre.

About Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre

For 135 years, Sydney Water has been delivering world-class water services to Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and the Illawarra. However, with the challenges posed by climate change and a growing demand for its services, a shift in Sydney Water's approach to water is necessary.

Sydney Water is dedicated to exploring purified recycled water as a potential future water source. Currently, over 85% of Sydney's water supply relies on rainfall, with the remaining 15% sourced from desalination. To ensure a sustainable, reliable, and rain-independent water supply, comprehensive water planning and consideration of various supply options are essential.

Purified recycled water presents numerous environmental and cost-saving benefits and has the potential to meet up to 25% of the city's water needs by 2056.

To showcase this initiative, Sydney Water has established the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre. This center provides the community with the opportunity to observe the workings of purified recycled water treatment technology. Moreover, it emphasises the safety of this proven technology and highlights the range of environmental and cost benefits associated with using purified recycled water to complement the drinking water supply.

What to Expect?

The guided tour experience will run for approximately 1 hour. The Tour is offered through the discovery centre, detailing the process of capturing, managing, and treating water in Sydney. The tour further incorporates the science and technology behind Purified Recycled Water, providing an explanation of its potential.

Following the tour, light afternoon tea will be provided, during which members will have the opportunity to network. The Business Customer team will also be present to clarify how the company aims to work proactively and positively with its business customers.

How to Register? 

There is no cost to join this tour. However, due to limited spaces, all attendees must register to join the tour.

In the event of reaching full capacity, a wait list will be available. Based on interest, a second tour may be scheduled.

Please note should circumstances change, this tour may be postponed.
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