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Lindy Deitz  l  General Manager  I  Campbelltown City Council

WSBC Committee

Lindy Deitz has worked in Local Government for over 23 years and became the General Manager of Campbelltown City Council on 1 October 2015.

Lindy commenced her work at Campbelltown in the Community Services division, working closely with the community to deliver quality outcomes and programs.

Her extensive knowledge and experience of the local government sector, particularly in South West Sydney, has equipped her to lead, empower and manage multidisciplinary teams and a range of cross-sectoral interests Lindy is a well-respected local government professional recognised by Government, business and the community. She has forged many strong and influential relationships over her 23 years in the industry.

The sustainability of Campbelltown City is a priority for Council and is reflected in how Lindy leads the organisation and collaborates with staff, community, business and government agencies to ensure the best outcome for its local community.

With Campbelltown-Macarthur recognised by the Greater Sydney Commission as a metropolitan strategic centre, and in light of its positioning as the epicentre of the South west Growth Corridor, Lindy is preparing the City of Campbelltown, the community and the Council organisation for extraordinary urban growth and change. Lindy is committed to supporting the transformation of the City to drive sustainable urban outcomes for the community including:

- heightened liveability

- enhanced connectivity within Campbelltown and between Campbelltown and other key destinations across Sydney and the Illawarra area including the Southern Highlands

- better access to new employment opportunities

- improved community capacity that delivers better city resilience in the longer term

- growth in business creation and retention

- improved infrastructure that delivers premium economic returns from both public and private investment  

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