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Cook’s Plumbing Supplies - Investing In Our Future

13-Feb-2023 10:01 | Deleted user

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the future is uncertain and difficult to plan for. It’s not a very reassuring thought for those in Years 10-12 thinking about the first steps in their career. Our youth are entering adulthood to find a brutal job market, uncertainty over university funding and an ongoing housing affordability crisis. As parents and in business, we need to provide all the resources necessary to make the transition from school to job as less complicated and easy to access as possible.

At Cook’s Plumbing Supplies we recognise this, and have created a Traineeship Program that engages our youth to consider various career pathways within our business. With a strong presence in Western Sydney - and as a leader in the industry with over 50 years’ experience - we are investing in our future generation.

Within this Traineeship Program, externally recognised Cert III Business qualifications via on-line correspondence will be obtained. In addition, there is regular in-store training, using both external training providers, along with a wealth of experienced staff to guide and mentor individuals looking for a career in the industry.

If you know of anyone who would be interested and keen to pursue this opportunity further, more information can be found here

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