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Western Sydney International (WSI) cracks the code to world recognition

02-Mar-2023 10:50 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

In a global first, Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport has provisionally secured its three-letter code more than three years ahead of opening, with the code WSI ensuring that the airport will truly take Western Sydney to the world.

In securing WSI, our new airport has joined the ranks of other airports with iconic codes such as LAX, JFK, LHR and HKG,” said Western Sydney International Airport Chair Paul O’Sullivan.

“Bag tags, booking websites and airline apps around the world will now feature WSI, as the airport continues to act as a driving force in the region’s renaissance, now with a code that puts Western Sydney on the global stage.”

The code, which is usually provided to airports within 12 months of the start of operations, was designated early by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), reflecting the confidence the international airline industry peak body has in the airport’s progress and its importance to Australia’s aviation landscape.

“This will be an airport for all of Sydney, ultimately growing to become the city’s biggest, but we’re proud that it is home in Western Sydney,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Western Sydney is truly Sydney’s cultural heartland and with WSI now confirmed as one of our most important global identifiers, our role connecting the world to Sydney via this exciting and diverse region is clear.

Mr O’Sullivan said that Western Sydney International Airport will not only mean more jobs in the west, but better, higher paying jobs that have traditionally only been found in Sydney’s east.

“This is an airport that communities across Western Sydney will be proud of, driving record investment in transport, job training and social infrastructure across the region, meaning that communities have access to the best.

“As we build the airport, we’ve already invested around $400 million with Western Sydney businesses which is just the beginning of WSI bringing higher quality jobs, closer to home both now and into the future.

“People’s children and their children will have access to great jobs in the west, if their interest is in engineering, cyber and other security, sustainability, aviation or many other jobs of the future the opportunity will be here in Western Sydney.”

Both Qantas Group and Virgin Australia were among the advocates that wrote to IATA requesting early designation of the WSI code for Western Sydney International Airport.

"We’ve had enormous levels of interest from airlines, not only from our Australian MOU airline partners, but from airlines around the world that are excited for what new aviation capacity, 24/7 operations and a modern, digitally enabled airport means, including for Sydney’s brand as Australia’s global city.

“Over the next couple of years, we’ll be excited to let our future passengers across Sydney know which airlines will take them to which destinations from WSI.”

Western Sydney International is on track to open to international, domestic and air cargo services in late 2026.

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