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Fire Safety Regulations Are Changing... Are You Ready?

17-Apr-2023 15:14 | Cassidy Lau (Administrator)

Fire safety regulations are changing. Mandating procedures for the maintenance of fire safety measures will take effect on the 13th of February 2025.

Owners must maintain essential fire safety measures in all types of buildings, except single dwellings, in accordance with procedures in the Australian Standard 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, where the maintenance activity is addressed by the standard.

At J&J Metro Air Conditioning, we have a specialised and dedicated Mechanical Fire Services Team, we are taking all measures to ensure our work is compliant.

  • Assessing installed mechanical fire services progresses. Your handover to OC will always be complaint.
  • Detailed and correct documentation in compliance to AS1668.1, detailing all fire services equipment and relevant materials.
  • Compliant materials and equipment installation.
  • Operation and Maintenance procedures to meet AS1851 changes, when scheme is approved.

We understand the importance of mechanical fire safety and staying up-to-date with reforms! Enjoy peace of mind, and let us take care of your upcoming projects or current building maintenance.

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