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Business Expansion at Metallum

26-Jul-2023 10:20 | Cassidy Lau (Administrator)

With the end of the financial year, been and gone, Metallum has had some time to reflect on the year we've had and how our business has expanded in this time. Over the last 12 months, we have kept in constant contact with our valued customers and have reached more new customers than ever before. From this, we have been focusing on increasing our brand awareness, to help our customer audience to understand and become comfortable with our products and the services we offer. Marketing for Metallum, has been a priority to increase our brand awareness by contributing to the community, sharing our stories and content about our business and what we do.

Another business development for Metallum, has been the expansion of our manufactory capacity and securing another factory. Our new factory is extensive, with more space, dual access, overhead crane facilities to accommodate immediate customer demands and also anticipated future demands. Furthermore, this allows us the opportunity to produce more products, store more materials, allow additional space for new equipment and to deliver long lasting benefits to our business.


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