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HR Professionals and People Leaders of Western Sydney

23-Feb-2024 15:22 | Cassidy Lau (Administrator)

Get ready for Culture for Keepers – it's heading your way.

Culture for Keepers was created to empower others to enjoy what they do as much as we do. Building teams that celebrate the uncommon. And making an impact along the way.

From Brisbane's mental health focus to the Central Coast's leadership spotlight and Newcastle's happiness chat, Culture for Keepers opened the conversation to important topics in the workplace. Experts like Jason Banks from TIACS, Jess May from HumanX HR, Suzy Miller, Leadership Developer and Declan Edwards from BU Happiness College dished out insights on psychosocial safety, exceptional leadership, and workplace happiness – sparking meaningful conversations across regions.

These sessions not only left professionals inspired to make a change within their workplaces but created a community where people felt confident to share their career and business thoughts, opinions, and questions.

Now, we're gearing up for the Western Sydney edition of Culture for Keepers, and we want to see you there. Save the date, Tuesday, March 26th.

Connect with Gemma at for your exclusive invite.  

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