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Northcott Empowers Young Adults With Disability to Pursue Their Dreams

23-May-2024 13:27 | Cassidy Lau (Administrator)

This year, the true stars of Northcott’s Winter Campaign are Gabrielle and her dedicated Northcott Support Worker, Mele.

Gabrielle is a 25-year-old baking enthusiast who loves baking cakes and sweets that are simply extraordinary. While she has a Cert II in baking, she faces many challenges in securing a job as a baker.

Prospective employers have overlooked her abilities due to their misconceptions about people with disability. But without a job, Gabrielle will not have the opportunity to get her full qualifications or achieve her career goals.

Despite these challenges, Gabrielle remains determined to work at a bakery. Gabrielle met Mele, her support worker at Northcott's Work & Study program. With Mele’s support, Gabrielle has now become more confident and independent.

Mele encourages and motivates Gabrielle and supports her in preparing for mock interviews and all other aspects of job hunting. Through the Work & Study program, Gabrielle has developed excellent customer service skills, honed her barista skills, and gained invaluable experience in event catering, budgeting, and menu planning.

Gabrielle’s story is just one of many. Like Gabrielle, many young adults with disability need access to personalised learning programs that cater to their individual learning needs.

A recent report published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare highlights the stark reality for young adults with disability. According to the report, young adults with disability have a lower employment rate (48%) than those without disability (80%).

Northcott aims to change that narrative by providing personalised support and vocational training, equipping young adults like Gabrielle with the skills and confidence needed to secure employment.

This is where you can help! Your donations mean we can extend our Work & Study service to more young adults with disability. Additionally, your generosity allows us to enhance the program with new equipment like assistive technology, hearing loops, SMART Boards, and sensory spaces.

Together, we can build a more inclusive society where everyone can pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Watch Gabrielle’s charming story here and share it with your network. When you donate now, you will also receive a personalised email from Gabrielle, updating you on her journey to finding a job at a bakery.

Thank you for your generosity and for making dreams a reality. We are very grateful.

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The Northcott Team

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