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There’s No Monkeying Around When It Comes To Winning Business

20-Jun-2019 16:31 | Anonymous

Coming up with a way to keep chimpanzees from breaking the padlocks on their enclosures and escaping, can be a tricky business.

For Keiren McGovern of Independent Locksmiths and Security, it is all in a days work.

“I was asked by Craig Sowden the GM at Sydney Zoo to supply padlocks for the carnivore, elephant & chimpanzee enclosures. But what we found with the chimpanzees is that they had the brains to sit, flick and rattle the padlock on purpose as to torment and drive the zoo keepers mad.

They also had enough leverage to swing and bounce the padlocks with force against the cage in an attempt to break the padlocks and escape,” explained Mr McGovern.

The Master-Keying Manager’s solution was to re-design the padlock with a shorter shackle, leaving the chimps with no leverage to fidget with the lock.

“It has resolved the issue and the monkey business has stopped,” said Mr McGovern.

Independent Locksmiths and Security are just one of the success stories that have emerged from Western Sydney Business Connection’s Strategic Matching Events.

The events are the brainchild of WSBC’s General Manager Amanda Brisot, who came up with the idea after learning of the unprecedented pipeline of work scheduled for Western Sydney over the next decade.

“We wanted to come up with a practical way to help our members and small to medium-sized businesses in the region maximise the opportunity resulting from the investment boom,” Ms Brisot said.

By connecting SMEs in Western Sydney to large corporations responsible for delivering major projects, Ms Brisot saw an opportunity for local businesses to win work in a cost effective and unique way.

“Some call it speed dating for business but essentially our Strategic Matching Events provide SMEs the opportunity to participate in several 15 minute meetings with tier one organisations such as Lendlease, Multiplex and CPB Contractors.”

In collaboration with the NSW Department of Industry and Industry Capability Network, WSBC have now held four Strategic Matching Events across the region.

“We are extremely grateful for the forward thinking and backing from government departments and agencies such as the NSW Department of Industry. Their support has not only enabled us to get this event series off the ground but has also allowed us to keep it going,” Ms Brisot said.

The popularity of these events is undeniable. WSBC have received over 500 Expressions of Interest from SMEs wanting to attend and have scheduled 736 face-to-face meetings between 35 tier one organisations and 105 local businesses.

For Ms Brisot supporting local business will inevitably grow the economy and generate jobs for the local community.

“We get extremely excited when we hear from organisations who have won business through our Strategic Matching Events.

Independent Locksmiths & Security for example, have a highly skilled team of technicians and have the capability to service some of the nation’s largest organisations. They just needed access to these tier one organisations” explained Ms Brisot.

In addition to the Zoo, Independent Locksmiths & Security have also successfully secured business with Summit Care Baulkham Hills. With other major Western Sydney projects taking shape, such as airport works and the Northern Road upgrade, they also see the potential for winning business with construction giants, Lendlease and CPB Contractors.

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