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Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all events conducted by the Western Sydney Business Connection (The Connection).

1. The Connection's event registration fees and terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

2. Cancellations must be in writing and incur a AU$50 administration fee. Refunds are not available within 14 days of the event.

3. Payment is required in full with registration. Participation in an event is not confirmed until full payment is received.

4. All registrations are fully transferable. If you cannot attend, a substitute may be nominated to attend in your place and an additional fee may apply depending on their membership status. Please notify WSBC if you cannot attend and would like to send a substitute.

5. If you have not received a confirmation email 48 hours prior to the event, please contact 

6. Complimentary seat entitlements to our Business Leader Luncheons which are reserved, but not allocated to an individual within 48 hours of the event, are automatically returned to our seating pool to be applied to any waiting list on hand.

7. Members must be financial at time of registration to take up complimentary seating under benefit entitlements, otherwise non-member pricing will apply for all attendees registered.

8. If you are registered for a Connection event, do not attend the Connection event and fail to notify The Connection prior to the event, The Connection will add a note to your membership/subscription. If you receive 3 notes within a 12-month period, The Connection reserve's the right to not accept and or approve your registration.

9. The Connection reserves the right to alter the program or to cancel or change event components or substitute services without notice.

10. By registering for a Connection event, you consent to having your name and company distributed to event attendees, event partners, stakeholders and suppliers and that your details may be accessed by Connection staff and The Connection's database software company. If you wish to opt out then you must email The Connection at stating your name, organisation and email address in order to opt out of detail distribution no later then 7 days before the event.

11. By registering for any Connection event or webinar you authorise The Connection to record the presentation (which includes any questions or comments by any participant or audience member) in audio or visual format or both. You agree that The Connection is the owner of the copyright and other intellectual property in that recording and that it may use the recording for any purpose it considers appropriate, including publicity, education or other activities and may earn income for The Connection's own benefit. You waive any moral rights you may have. The Connection is not obliged to exercise the right to make any recording.

12. By registering for any Connection event you authorise The Connection to take photos at the event. You agree that The Connection is the owner of the copyright and photographs and that it may use the photographs for any purpose it considers appropriate, including publicity, education or other activities and may earn income for The Connection's own benefit. You waive any moral rights you may have. The Connection is not obliged to exercise the right to take photographs.

    (*) Means an event organised for or on behalf of The Connection, or any joint event with third parties.


    When you join the Western Sydney Business Connection (The Connection) and your application has been approved, you and the members of your organisation agree to be bound by the The Connection's membership terms and code of conduct as follows:

    1. Australian memberships include GST.

    2. International memberships do not attract any GST.

    3. All payments must be made in A$ unless otherwise specified.

    4. Connection memberships are not transferable.

    5. Connections memberships are not refundable outside of any statutory requirements.

    6. Connection membership is defined as a “Bundle (unlimited)” which means a Corporate membership with a named member representative and unlimited company members.

    7. The Connection will process your membership fee via online payment by credit card through our payment gateway or by bank transfer. All memberships will be issued with an invoice.  A receipt will be issued upon successful processing of your membership fee. The ABN of WSBC is 53 727 571 321.


    The Western Sydney Business Connection (The Connection) reserve the right to accept or reject any offer of partnership. In determining partnership offers the following guidelines will be adopted: 

    1. The Connection has a policy not to grant exclusivity, unless otherwise stated, to any particular partner for any product/service category or industry. We see it as beneficial to the members of The Connection to have the opportunity to compare products and services available. In the majority of cases, undertakings are given not to allow direct competitors to co-partner events. 

    2. Companies will be advised as to whether their applications have been accepted or declined within 14 days after their application. 

    3. The Connection reserves the right to seek partners for any opportunities throughout the year and, all other things being equal, these will then be offered on a first in basis. 

    4. Decisions of The Connection's Board in regard to allocation of all partnership opportunities will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

    5. The entitlements set out under each of the partnership benefits constitute the total commitment by The Connection to partners, advertisers and exhibitors. Any additional requirements may incur additional charges. Partnerships are not transferrable. 

    6. All prices are quoted exclusive of GST (unless otherwise stated). The Connection is registered for GST purposes. 

    7. In the event of non-payment of any monies due pursuant to the agreement or in the event of the breach of any condition on the part of any partner to be observed then all monies paid hereunder will be absolutely forfeited and the partner will have no right to participate in the partnership and no claim against The Connection. In the event of forfeiture for any reason the partner will not be released from any liability arising from the partnership. 

    8. The Connection is not responsible for any loss or damage to or arising from any product exhibited, signage or other promotional material used in association with the partnership. 

    9. Unless otherwise stated or agreed, payment of partnership invoices must be received within 30 days of invoice. If payment is not received within this time, the partnership will be offered to other parties. 

    10. The Connection reserves the right to cancel or postpone any specified event or activity. In the case of cancellation, The Connection will not be liable to the partner for any loss or inconvenience. In the case of event or program cancellation, The Connection will offer the partner the choice of partnering a future event or a refund. 

    11. Artwork required for various partnership opportunities must be provided in the specified format.

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