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Do some Ks for Kids and get fit while saving lives

29-Apr-2021 13:24 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

Have you been wanting to get fit but just need the motivation – join Ks for Kids!

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), the home of Jeans for Genes®, is excited to announce a new steps-challenge taking place in May called Ks for Kids. Sign up to do 6,000 steps a day – be it walk, run, jump, dance, or twirl – to fund research to fight the 6,000+ genetic diseases, which along with birth defects and childhood cancers affect 1 in 20 kids.

Ks for Kids is designed to fit around your lifestyle. You can walk, run, hit a trail, pick up a skipping rope – do a dance class – it is only limited by your imagination. Perhaps you could take the stairs at work instead of the lift? Maybe take the dog for a walk in the evening instead of watching TV? . Why not start walking the kids to school instead of driving?

It is as easy as registering to take part, find the way that you would like to monitor your steps – whether it is using a fitness device, pedometer, or an app on your phone – then share the challenge with your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you.

Kylie Kelich is mother to Addelyn and Ethan who both share a genetic mutation which impacts their vascular system (blood vessels) Addelyn is in constant pain and Ethan’s pain has only been reduced by major surgery. Kylie has been a long-term supporter of research, running the City to Surf to raise money for Jeans for Genes – so she was very excited to hear about Ks for Kids.

“It is heartbreaking to watch your child struggle in pain,’’ Kylie said. “Sometimes as a parent you can feel helpless. Once we received the genetic diagnosis, it was time to focus on how to help Ethan and Addelyn live with minimal pain and live their best life.’’

She now appeals to people to “step out and count your steps’’.

“It is vital people invest in the work of CMRI to help kids impacted by genetic disease. Research is gaining knowledge and equipping medical professionals who make treatment plans for the many different diseases that kids are living with.’’

CMRI scientist, Jane Sun, has signed up to do Ks for Kids herself and urged the public to get behind Australian research.

“We rely on Australians to help fund most of what we do,’’ she said. “The same reason I chose to work at CMRI is the reason I request Australians to invest, because I really believe in the message and the outcome of our research.

Investing in the lab means that I know I can continue my research and do what I believe really matters, without running out of funding halfway or not being able to perform experiments to their full potential due to funding restrictions. When funding is low, we spend more time thinking of ways to save money and looking into other options than doing the actual research.

By raising funds through Ks for Kids, you will help CMRI researchers to continue working on some of the most challenging problems facing seriously unwell children and to help save lives.

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