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Introducing Drive Lynx

13-Apr-2022 16:26 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

Are you waiting for that contract win to warrant your investment in digital technology? There’s no need to wait. Introducing EV20 Consulting Group and their management software application, Drive Lynx, a local software company and a member of Western Sydney Business Connection's Construction Connect program.

Drive Lynx has a full access entry level subscription, allowing for SME construction companies to level up over time and be ready to implement new contracts into the software from the tendering stage right through to project completion.

Drive Lynx is geared to construction companies wanting to transition to a digital platform for cost savings, reduced paperwork and better resource management.

Full access starts at $69 a month and includes:

  • Service Level Agreements Framework, Measurement and Reporting
  • Customer Portal for Real-Time Reporting
  • Risk Management, Project Health Analysis and Reporting
  • Site Management and Check In Reporting
  • Issues Management and Escalation/Quality Management Reporting
  • Real-time time log reporting, delays, overtime, delay costs analysis
  • Resource Management, Availability, Scheduling and Compliance Management
  • Asset Register & Maintenance plans

Exciting features in the short-term roadmap include:

  • Tendering automation
  • Xero integration
  • e-Documentation
  • Financial Management and Tracking, Reporting at a Project level

All customers are fully supported locally by EV20's Customer Success Team in Norwest.

Did you know:

The Government's Technology Investment Boost means you'll be able to deduct a bonus 20 per cent of the cost of expenses and depreciating assets that support digital uptake. That includes your subscription to the management software application Drive Lynx! For example, if your Drive Lynx subscription is $12,000 a year, you will receive a bonus $2,400 in your tax return. Contact Drive Lynx via their Western Sydney Business Connection Profile here.

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