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What suits your business the best?

22-Jun-2022 10:18 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

A new financial year is upon us, and many businesses have already started planning business growth around the hiring of new staff and upskilling the current staff as a strategy for retention and achieving higher productivity. There are several options for businesses regarding upskilling, some of which have Federal and NSW Government subsidies available.

A Traineeship combines formal study with on-the-job learning and offers benefits to both employees and businesses. A Traineeship normally runs for about 12 months. On successful completion of a Traineeship, participants receive a nationally recognised qualification. There are subsidies available around Traineeship, and we encourage you to enquiry about this as early as possible in the hiring process.

Subsidised qualification (course only) is another option. One of the several criteria options needs to be met, which has been set by the NSW Government. The virtual courses normally run over several months, so the staff members’ normal work has minimal disruption. On successful completion, the participants receive a nationally recognised qualification.

Do you find that your staff/team has a skill gap in a particular area? Then a Short Course, which can be tailored, might be the best option to increase overall business performance, efficiency, and bottom line.

Whether fresh out of school or emerging leaders in the business – the Institute of Strategic Management (ISM) have various options available!

Give ISM a call to see if you are eligible for any funding/subsidies!

  • Linda Jonsson – Head of Partnerships – 0408 250 105 or
  • ISM have courses around Business, Finance, Project Management and more!
  • ISM works regularly with industry leaders
  • All trainers are industry experts
  • All material is written by industry experts
  • Support from start to finish
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