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Parramatch 2022 - Support Local Community Projects

11-Aug-2022 16:07 | Deleted user

The City of Parramatta is a proud supporter of Parramatch, an innovative project providing five local not-for-profit groups with fundraising skills, promotional opportunities and financial support for their community projects.

Parramatch allows the community to raise money for issues they care about.

Give back to the community by helping the organisations raise money for their projects and contributing to their crowdfunding campaigns.

Parramatta Children's Orchestras

Organisation: Symphony For Life Foundation

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

The Symphony For Life Foundation believes every child should have access to the benefits of playing a musical instrument regardless of socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. To support this mission, they are creating Parramatta Children’s Orchestras, a highly engaging community-based program.

Your support will help to fund:

1. A string of orchestras based at the Reg Byrne Community Centre.

2. Weekly individual tuition for children and rehearsal with an orchestra.

Pledge now:

Support The Girls Morning Tea and Bra Gifting Event

Organisation: Support The Girls Australia

Fundraising Goal: $5000

Support The Girls Australia are running a Morning Tea and Bra Gifting Event to help women in our community who are either homeless or dealing with financial hardship, social isolation, trauma, or domestic violence.

Your support will help to fund:

1. A safe place to get together for morning tea

2. A professional bra fitting for participants

3. Bras, new underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene/incontinence products

Pledge now:

The Heart of the Community

Organisation: Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre

Fundraising Goal: $6000

Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre are running a series of programs for families and children called Heart of the Community. These programs will provide the opportunity to meet new people, build social networks and decrease social isolation.

Your support will help to fund:

1. Activities such as meditation, confidence building for women, art classes for kids and parents, walking groups and more!

2. Childcare for participants when required

Pledge to support:

The Stitches Challenge Parramatta

Organisation: DRG Stitches Collection Limited

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

The Stitches Challenge Parramatta is a project raising awareness around mental health and social justice issues in the local community. Participants will go on the hunt for 12 dolls around Parramatta, each doll with an important message to empower and inspire children.

Your support will help to fund:

1. A hunt featuring 12 dolls in the Parramatta area – each doll will have its name, story and clue to the next doll as well as an empowering message.

2. A free mini doll for participants after completion of the hunt.

3. 100 dolls donated to Westmead Children’s Hospital Aboriginal Unit.

Pledge to support:

Confidence, Comfort and Coping

Organisation: All Hands

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

Students and professionals from international backgrounds experience loneliness, stress (financial and performance) and identity crisis on a regular basis. The Confidence, Comfort and Coping project by All Hands provides coping skills and improves their quality of life.

Your support will help to fund:

1. Group workshops on key concepts

2. Live chats with lived experience individuals

Pledge to support:

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