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The Art Of Negotiating: How To Make Every Deal A Win-Win

20-Sep-2022 09:23 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

By Diana Tapp, CEO of World Class Teams

Most business negotiations are a 'tug of war'. Each side pulls until the other side gets tired of competing and says yes to the best position the negotiators believe they can get.

People talk about 'creating win-win' outcomes. However, the truth is that most business negotiations end up being a compromise, which is in effect 'lose-lose'. The objective becomes not losing too much!

When genuinely achieved, win-win outcomes strengthen relationships because no one feels manipulated or backed into a corner. They increase trust, and when you know how to achieve them consistently, they add value to your business, help you stand out from your peers, and dramatically increase your reputation as a leader.

Negotiating win-win outcomes enables you to achieve optimal results with less frustration and stress. However, while the concept may be simple, the process is often complex. That's why we're running our next micro-learning – The Art of Negotiating: How to Make Every Deal a Win-Win.

In this live-streamed micro-learning workshop, you'll discover:

  • How to lose your fear of negotiation
  • The four steps to follow to make every deal a win-win
  • How to successfully negotiate and influence up with senior leaders and demanding customers
  • The old styles of negotiation you must immediately unlearn
  • How to get what you want without manipulating or tricking people


Middle Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors who want to:

  • Build stronger relationships with clients, colleagues and their team
  • Deliver lasting, quality solutions
  • Influence up and get what you need, for yourself and your team
  • Establish trust so that the other party feels respected and heard
  • Create genuine win-win solutions
  • Resolve conflict and keep stress at bay
  • Negotiate your way to success


  • 45-minute live-streamed workshop
  • 15-minute live Q&A
  • Printable Action Pack with tools, techniques and templates
  • 30-day access to a recording of the session


Tickets are $87 per person. Click here to register your seat.

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