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3 Peaks Challenge - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For CMRI’s Scientists

17-Nov-2022 10:59 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

When it comes to supporting research there is no challenge great enough for the supporters and scientists of Children’s Medical Research Institute at Westmead.

Earlier this month they climbed three mountains as part of the 3 Peaks Challenge, hiking three of Australia’s tallest mountains in Kosciusko National Park to fundraise for research. They even came across snow!!!

CMRI’s very own researchers and old staff alumni got involved to support the challenge, and one of the hikers was Einion Thomas, a consultant who has worked for CMRI for several years.

“When I worked with CMRI, I was so impressed by the dedication and focus of the researchers and the passion they bring to their work, underpinning remarkable discoveries and making a big difference in the lives of so many,’’ Einion said.

“I know how enthusiastic the researchers are for what they do and the discoveries they make, and it’s an organisation that really focuses on the children who need this help.’’

Vaishnavi Veeraraghavan is one of our very own cancer researchers who decided to not only do the mountain challenge, but to cut off her long hair to fundraise and honour her mother who fought cancer several years ago.

“When my mum lost her hair, which in Indian culture is very important to us, it was very hard for her,’’ Vaishnavi said. “I wanted to cut my hair as part of this fundraiser in support of her.’’

“The research we are doing has such an important place alongside clinical research. To think about patients who are in pain and suffering – that’s what keeps you motivated as a researcher. My connection to cancer inspired me to do something outside of research to create a discussion and awareness about what we do as researchers.’’

It’s not too late to sponsor the climbers, please visit 3 Peaks NSW - Inspired Adventures (

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