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Building Business Partnerships To Support Seriously Ill Children

23-Nov-2017 09:39 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

It’s finally here! Introducing Room Sponsorship at the New Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

The new, 60-room Ronald McDonald House Westmead is set to open in early 2018, and with the help of genuine partnerships with Western Sydney businesses, the doors of the new House will stay open for seriously ill children and their families well into the future.

Room sponsorship is a vital program that sees corporate groups engage directly with the House and families, while providing much-needed financial support.

The impact of room sponsorship is real and lasting: it determines how the House will operate and will ensure we are able to provide important services to families.

For businesses, it offers real benefits while also meeting corporate social responsibility. And for the families who need Ronald McDonald House Westmead’s services, the support of corporate groups is life-changing.

A child’s illness can have a devastating effect on families, and along with the uncertainty and fear comes medical bills, missed work for parents and the added stress of not being close to the medical care your child desperately needs. How will we be there for our child? How will we make ends meet?

For a sick child, sometimes what they need most is to have their family nearby for more hugs, kisses, and “I love yous”.

Ronald McDonald House Westmead supports over 600 families each year, but in the last 12 months it has been forced to turn away 400 more due to lack of space. The new House will increase capacity to support 1,360 families a year, which is why room sponsorship is so vital.

Without Ronald McDonald House Westmead, those families would have to travel long distances, sleep in waiting rooms, in bedside chairs in hospital wards, in their cars, or find a way to pay for expensive hotel rooms.

With corporate support, our home can be their home, offering warmth, security and a place to make new friends who are on a similar journey. From warm beds to hot showers, laundry facilities, family-friendly kitchens and play areas, Ronald McDonald House Westmead has all the essentials of a family home.

Taking up room sponsorship in the new Ronald McDonald House Westmead carries a range of wonderful sponsor benefits that begin when your plaque is fixed to the door. Room sponsorship packages are limited, so don’t hesitate.

To find out more about Room Sponsorship, please contact Amal Maait on or 0404 826 403.

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