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10 Ways to Build Positivity in your Workplace

19-Jun-2018 08:39 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

At Great Managers, we say that being a manager is all about results. And you can only get results through your people, so their happiness must be one of your prime concerns.

A toxic culture in the workplace does more to hold your organisation back than you might realise. However, if you act deliberately, you can create a more positive workplace and improve results.

Here are 10 ways to build positivity in your workplace.

Positivity Tip #1 – Be Grateful

A good salary isn’t enough to keep today’s workers happy. People want to feel appreciated in the workplace. Their results suffer if nobody cares about their contributions. Simple acts of gratitude encourage positive workplace behaviours. A word of appreciation and a thank-you go a long way toward helping employees to feel valued. You’ll create an undercurrent of positivity, which will shape your team.

Be quick to compliment team members for good work, and use random acts of kindness to show your team your gratitude.

Positivity Tip #2 – Play to Employee Strengths

Nobody wants to feel like they’re not contributing to the team. But that’s what can happen when you don’t give your people tasks that play to their strengths. Confidence drops, and soon enough employees start to resent the idea of coming to work.

Employees prosper when they can use their talents to benefit the organisation. Learn about your employees and what they bring to the team.

Positivity Tip #3 – Be Optimistic

Your team looks to you for inspiration. What you say and how you act influences your organisation’s culture.

It starts with the way you talk. Positive verbiage bolsters your team and shows that you’re excited to work with them. Phrases like “I admire how…” and “I’m impressed with…” offer positive reinforcement. They also change the way your employees absorb your feedback. Keeping a positive tone makes the listener more receptive.

Mind your body language too. Stand tall and show that you’re proud of your workplace. Optimism is surprisingly infectious and is a cornerstone of a great company culture. Even a smile can bolster your team spirits and generate positivity.

Positivity Tip #4 – Connect With Individuals

Talk to them and learn what drives them. Develop a bond stretching beyond what you expect the person to do in the workplace.

Connection is something many leaders struggle with when building a positive workplace culture. They rely on emails and memos to get their messages across. All the while, their team members resent the lack of personal communication with their leaders. They see you as a face behind a machine, instead of a person they can connect with.

Positivity Tip #5 – Celebrate Small Wins

The biggest project goals are also the most difficult to achieve. Your team may spend months, or even years, toiling away without an end in sight. If they don’t have anything else to celebrate during that time, they become less effective.

Every major project requires small steps. When you celebrate these steps, you give your employees a much-needed motivational boost.

Positivity Tip #6 – Encourage Ideas

Every new challenge tests your creativity. Some leaders plough ahead while giving little regard to others’ ideas. They assume their way is the right way, even when people on their teams could offer insight into the new challenge.

Instead, encourage flexible thinking. Look at new challenges from as many perspectives as possible. Encourage your team to contribute ideas. As importantly, listen to these ideas and think about the ramifications of implementing them. Not every idea will be a winner. However, encouraging your team to think often leads to better solutions than you could have created on your own.

Positivity Tip #7 – Trust Your Team

Treat your team members like competent adults. Delegate appropriate tasks, and allow employees to take ownership of their work. Increased responsibility makes employees feel valued. They also take more pride in their work, which usually leads to stronger results. Finally, you free your time up to focus on the more significant issues.

Positivity Tip #8 – Inspire Your Vision

Most leaders have a vision and a mission. They know what they want to accomplish, and how they want to get there. Unfortunately, they struggle to inspire others with that vision.

Your vision must compel others to follow. Saying “We want to be the best” isn’t enough. Dig down into specifics.

Positivity Tip #9 – Create Opportunities

A great company culture encourages employees to reach for success. Individuals stagnate when they don’t receive opportunities. They may feel frustrated about their lack of achievement and resentful of you for not providing opportunities.

Positivity Tip #10 – Have Fun

Having fun doesn’t mean letting employees spend hours away from their work. However, a 15-minute conversation where team members share stories won’t damage the workflow. It might just be the quick release they need to de-stress before renewing their efforts.

What to Do Next

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