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The four stories every business must tell

16-Jul-2018 17:16 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

Storytelling is the best way to promote your business. People are hardwired to like stories. Stories connect emotionally human to human; they build trust; they build memory and they drive action.

But what stories should you tell?

Four essential stories are key to forming the brand message of any business. They are your personal story, your business story, your product or service story and your customer story.

The customer story is the most important of all. It should focus on the main problems that your target market face and how you can solve them. The trick to engagement is to weave the problems and solutions into the digital content.

The classic place for the business story is the About Us page. It’s not about you though… A business story must focus on the customer. It must explain why your business solves your customer’s problems and begin to introduce how you do that.

Story three is the service or product story. The messaging at the top of the page introduces the problems your customer faces day in and day out which deepens the emotional connection. And then you can go into detail of exactly how you deliver your service or process further down the page.

And finally personal stories. These fit perfectly into something that will never change – people do business with people. Show the ‘why’ – the personal journey that took you to the place of starting your business. Or show the passion behind the key members of your team. People will start to connect with the team and your business as people they want to do business with.

The trick to successful digital storytelling is to weave those 4 stories together into a consistent brand message you can repeat and share over and over again. That’s how people start to understand and connect with your great business and your great brand.

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