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The Secrets of Digital Storytelling Explained

15-Aug-2018 16:23 | Stephanie Bernar (Administrator)

Writing compelling, engaging, strategic copy in the digital space is a unique skill. And that’s why we have a team of expert digital storytellers at Brilliant Digital – we know how fundamental powerful storytelling is to creating a successful business.

Each piece of content we write consistently delivers the clear and compelling brand message behind your business.

Get to know your customer's problems

The first thing we seek to discover is who your ideal customer is, what problems they have, and how you can solve them.

Once we understand how your target audience thinks, and why they make decisions, we can build the core brand message. This message can then be woven through every story we tell.

Tell the four stories

We tell 4 key stories that we layer through your website – the customer story, the business story, the product story and the personal stories. And each of these comes back to solving your customer’s problem.

Create an emotional connection

People make decisions, no matter how logical, based on emotion.

Stories provide entertainment as well as information. And they work for every type of business.

Compelling copy is key

The way we approach writing compelling copy is to pretend that we’re reading the website from the prospect’s perspective.

Every story we write must be beautifully written, simple and without jargon. It must be relatable and create an emotional connection.

Show the transformational journey

A dry list of bullet points can present the features your customers are after. But it can’t show the benefits or trigger an emotional connection to your business.

A story, however, can show how your product has transformed someone’s life. Your prospects can see what that journey looked like and how your product provided the solution.

The importance of strategy

When you have strategic consistency across all of your collateral, on all platforms, you will be able to get your brand message across successfully.

That’s why we adhere to a proven strategic framework for our storytelling.

This consistent message is really valuable for our clients because it means that our websites and ongoing marketing will attract the right kind of qualified lead. It stops time wasters and saves you money.

With powerful storytelling as the tool, we bridge the gap between you and your customers…

The content gets momentum and continues to deliver results long after it’s loaded onto the site, with SEO and Google traffic. Our stories keep going back to your core brand message and deliver a return on investment and brand growth, time and time again.

Find out how powerful digital storytelling can transform your business.

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