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Leadership Flips The 80/20 Rule

18-Sep-2018 10:27 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

When most people start out in a professional career, their FUNCTIONAL expertise is the primary indicator of their level of performance.

Most are promoted because of this functional expertise. Their value to the organisation is approximately 80% functional skills and 20% human skills (soft skills such as communication and collaboration).

At the point at which that promotion now has them leading or managing other people, the 80/20 rule flips.

The skills they now require are 80% human skills and 20% functional skills.

Many are not very strong in the human skills. Some are talented in some aspects of human skills e.g. in communicating their ideas to a range of people, but are not as strong in delegating or having honest conversations.

These human skills can be learned, and in fact we owe it to our star performers to ensure that they are trained in these skills. Otherwise we promote them, yet set them up for failure.

How do you ensure the people you are promoting are properly equipped with the human SKILLS they will need to succeed in their new position?

World Class Teams one day GREENLINE program is the perfect way start focusing on these skills. They have an upcoming GREENLINE OPEN program at the Mecure Parramatta on Wednesday 17th October.

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