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Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research

19-Sep-2018 12:41 | Stephanie Bernar (Administrator)

The Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research is at the forefront of many medical breakthroughs and clinical discoveries. The Institute’s world-class medical research is rooted and driven by the health needs of the local, South Western Sydney community.

In partnership with South Western Sydney Local Health District (which includes Bankstown, Bowral, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield and Liverpool Hospitals), UNSW Sydney and Western Sydney University, the Ingham Institute is committed to finding better ways to improve health and transform the treatment and care of people living with common medical conditions and disease.

The Institute’s 350 dedicated researchers are focused on exploring new medical approaches across Cancer, Clinical Science (Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infectious and inflammatory diseases), Injury and Rehabilitation, Population and Health Services, and Mental Health research. The Institute is also currently coordinating over 300 clinical trials across South West Sydney.

The Institute’s medical research programs have a translational focus, which means results from the laboratory are transformed into direct health benefits in the form of new treatments and standards of care for local, national and international communities.

Based in Liverpool, the Institute’s research precinct includes many world and Australian-first technologies and research capabilities including:

- The Australian MRI- Linac is an Australian-first technology project that redefines radiation treatment for cancer. Only one of four worldwide, this next-generation cancer therapy equipment combines an MRI with a Linear Accelerator that will allow Doctors to ‘see’ and directly target cancer tumours in the body.

- Australia's only Electron Microscopy Facility uses 3D electron microscope and Carl Zeiss LSM 800 super-resolution laser scanning microscope to visualise and understand human disease.

- The CONCERT Biobank collects cancer tissue and blood samples to research the genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors linked to cancer.

- NSW's first Circulating Tumour Cell research centre has specialised cancer scanning technology that measures single cancer cells in small blood samples to identify why some cancer cells spread and provides doctors with an early warning system that allows them to start immediate treatment to stop further growth and spread of cancer.

As a charitable organisation, the Institute welcomes public donations and bequests to enable the researchers to continue their vital work. The Institute was founded by one of Australia’s most respected philanthropists, Mr Bob Ingham AO and is further supported by Lady (Mary) Fairfax AC, OBE.

100% of funds raised for the Institute go towards supporting medical research.

If you would like to meet with our researchers and experience world-class medical research here in South Western Sydney, contact our events team on or 02 8738 9000.

Associate Professor Gary Liney with the MRI-Linac (background), next-generation cancer therapy equipment, and a sphere of water that was used to capture the first image.

Local scientists, Dr Tzipi Cohen-Hyams and A/Prof Murray Killingsworth, in Australia's only Electron Microscopy Facility, dedicated to cancer research.

Liverpool Hospital Medical Oncologist and Scientist, Dr Pei Ding, using NSW’s only Single Cell Selector equipment to research the growing number of young, non-smoking women diagnosed with lung cancer.

Tina Holmes (right) Lecturer at Ingham Institute/UNSW’s Skills and Simulation Centre in Liverpool, demonstrating the Anatomage table to a medical student. The Anatomage table is the world’s first virtual, dissection table.

Dr Nicole Caixeiro manages the CONCERT Biobank - a cancer blood and tissue collection facility focused on the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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