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Get The Best ROI On Digital Storytelling By Following A Strategic Framework

10-Oct-2018 13:36 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

Creating digital content is not a low-cost exercise. Writing, editing, uploading, optimising, linking, sourcing images and producing video all take time. That’s time you’re paying for.

Every piece of content or collateral you create for your website must be part of a strategic plan. Each piece forms a building block in the digital home of your business.

At Brilliant Digital everything we do is hinged around a strategic framework so we don’t waste time … we get the full value of every piece of content and the best ROI for our clients.

Homepage - a great first impression

The most visited page on any website is the Homepage and it is the gateway to all your other relevant information. It should convey a very clear message about what you do for who and why. It should create an instant, strong brand awareness and present your UVP upfront.

About Page - who and why?

The About page is the place for your business story – shown through its relevance to the customer and their problems. It should include the ‘why’ behind your business – the reason the team works so hard.

Case studies - show and tell

Your Case Studies are a fantastic way to show your customer’s story and how your product or service has transformed their business. They will include plenty of relevant, relatable detail. And they show prospects your UVP in action.

Team - time to get personal

The personal stories behind your key people are a great way to build trust and that’s where your Team page comes in. Foster connection and engagement with your prospects. Tell them what your favourite customer outcomes are. And demonstrate your expertise.

Product/service - problem solved

A strong product or service page with high-quality information is where you can expect to generate significant enquiry. It’s important that you show how your product solves a customer’s problem here.

Blog and newsletters - edutainment!

The purpose of blogs and newsletters is to inform, entertain and create a buzz around your brand. They have SEO value and are a great way to drive people to your website. The content must be of high quality, ‘on brand’ and relevant at all times.

Drive them home, every time

With every news article and blog that you put into the digital space, focus on the ultimate goal … driving people back to your website to get enquiries.

Keep focussed and clear about what you will use every piece of valuable content for before you waste time and money on something that isn’t going to play its part.

Read the full article and download the Brilliant Digital Strategic Storytelling Framework pdf here.

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