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Missed Our Sold Out Breakfast Masterclass?

03-Apr-2019 11:08 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

They say the numbers don't lie, so if the volume of bookings for our latest Breakfast Masterclass are a reflection of their value, we’re thrilled to be delivering such invaluable content to our members.

Our Breakfast Masterclass Series focuses on delivering professional development opportunities for WSBC members in the areas of leadership and digital marketing and it is presented by two of our Platinum Partners: Brilliant Digital and World Class Teams.

Our first Breakfast Masterclass of 2019 - Creating A Digital Brand Strategy for Business Growth - presented by Deb Croucher was sold out, even after we opened up a second release of tickets.

So if you missed out, here’s a short video summary of Deb’s presentation.

Why you need to own your brand message and storytelling

“The reality of 2019? We don’t GO online…We live online. 

Your market is looking at you online...this is the biggest business change since the industrial revolution.

Digital marketing is now the mainstream and eclipses all other forms…but unless you have a solid strategy it’s easy to waste time and cash and get no measured return on investment.

You can no longer rely on the media giants to make the phone ring. You need to step up and own your brand message and storytelling. And you’ve also got to take ownership of your own platforms, especially your website.

If we don't attract young blood through and up into our businesses then obviously our business is going to disappear! So grabbing that young market and bringing them through is crucial.

We need to know what to say to get this younger generation to stop to look and to engage with our brand,” says Deb.

Creating a Digital Brand Strategy for Business Growth

Brilliant Digital has helped transform business of many different sizes by helping them to develop their digital brand strategy for business growth.

But according to Deb, regardless of the size of the business, the formula for success remains the same.

“The same system works for both small and large organisations and the results are outstanding!”

Deb then went on to share with participants the proven formula for success Brilliant Digital uses, covering the key steps:

● What to say

● Where to say it

● Brilliant Digital’s Success Formula

● What is a Content Framework

● How to Measure ROI

● Where to Begin working on your brand strategy

Small businesses have a huge opportunity

The takeout message from the Masterclass?

“The playing fields are levelling out. Small businesses have a huge opportunity here to step and own their own brand message and storytelling.

By following our success formula, you’ll get an outcome. You’ll get a result…and you’ll enjoy sustained brand growth.”

Book in early for our Breakfast Masterclasses 

Our second Breakfast Masterclass for 2019, Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence For Workplace Success, has also sold out.

Presented by World Class Teams’ CEO, Diana Tapp, this second Breakfast Masterclass is for business owners and leaders who want to discover practical tools & tips they can implement today to rapidly improve their Emotional Intelligence.

To find out more about our Breakfast Masterclass Series or other WSBC events, you can subscribe to keep up to date or simply contact us.

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