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The path to prosperity: why the future of work is human

14-Jun-2019 13:57 | Lisa Docherty (Administrator)

In the seventh edition of their Building the Lucky Country series, Deloitte’s ground-breaking research reveals what the changing nature of work really means for businesses and government.

The future of work isn’t scary, but it is misunderstood. Deloitte's research shows how human skills are hugely under supplied and as a result – skills, rather than occupations or qualifications – are the job currency of the future. These trends in job markets aren’t alarming, they’re liberating, as the boring, repetitive work will be done by robots, leaving the more challenging and interesting work for humans.

Explore The path to prosperity: Why the future of work is human to find out:

• What myths about the future of work have been busted

• What the job currency of the future will be. Tip – it’s not qualifications or occupations

• Why today’s jobs require us to use our heads, rather than our hands, and how something new is happening…

• Which human skills are hugely under supplied and which ones will be most in demand

• How businesses and governments can make better choices about our work, our workers, and our workplaces.

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