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How to Overcome the Business Growth Hurdle

16-Sep-2019 16:36 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

Picture this: your business has finally overcome the challenges of being a startup and has now reached the growth stage.

However, as you take a breath, celebrate and consider plans for expansion, you begin to notice that what was working a year ago is no longer delivering the results you want, and you start to experience issues with stagnating sales, poor customer experience and increasing staff turnover rates.

Recognising the need to fix the situation, you look to the help of an external consultant to help fix these issues within your organisation.

Problem solved and job done… right?

While they are experts at identifying organisational issues, most consultants seek to fix the immediate problem (i.e. the one they can see) without understanding and addressing issues at deeper levels. Without properly resolving these, any fix is simply a ‘Band-Aid’ solution, which, in the long-term, can cause your organisation to bleed out!

Effects, Causes and Structure

The issues experienced by your organisation are the effects of shortfalls in your business strategy or a plan not working the way you intended. These are typically reflected in Business Performance KPIs such as profits not being met, poor teamwork and poor customer service. Because these effects are visible, we often try to ‘Band-Aid’ these problems.

Causes are intangible impacts on your business, typically external. Such ‘catalysts’ include competitors delivering more value, customer demands, economic factors, disruptions in technology and industry regulators.

Structure refers to the key internal systems and processes which significantly influence the way a business operates. It is often overlooked and its impact underestimated. Structural factors include a business’ mission and vision, people practice and the quality of an organisation’s leadership.

Getting to the Root of Your Organisation’s Issues

Rather than resolving only visible problems or playing guessing games, taking a diagnostic approach to solving your organisation’s issues can help you truly understand the causes and identify correct, impactful ways to rectify the problems.

ChandlerWoods has developed an approach that partners with your organisation to analyse your business holistically, seeking to understand the root cause of the issues. Our diagnostic approach studies the catalysts, structure, performance and people impact surrounding your business (see image below).

Once the root cause of the issues is understood, we then develop solutions that address the effects, delivering sustainable performance improvements to help your organisation get back on the road to growth.

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