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Reinvent To Thrive: Positioning For A New Normal

29-Jun-2020 10:12 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

Australia and the world have been profoundly affected over the past few months. A rare pandemic of scale and impact not experienced for a generation is likely to trigger a global recession far worse than the Global Financial Crisis. This is a crisis like none before it, and there remains uncertainty as to its further impact on human lives and livelihoods. Over the months ahead, as countries navigate the health and economic crisis, organisations will emerge from hibernation and be faced with the task of powering back up.

Organisations and leaders have an opportunity during this recovery period to go beyond just getting back to normal. It is Deloitte's belief that leading organisations will seize the opportunity that this crisis has presented to reinvent their business and create new sources of advantage in what will inevitably be a ‘new normal’.

What should leaders consider in shaping a new path for their organisation? How can they reinvent for the future and position themselves to create meaningful and measurable impact in the ‘new normal’?

Reinvent to thrive helps to equip business leaders questions to consider as they prepare their organisations for the ‘new normal’.

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